Educated Farmers Make Educated Decisions

It’s a Great Time To Be a Farmer!

Every day 8 billion people need to eat. In spite of droughts, flooding, pandemics, labor shortages, and inflation we all require nutritious food.

As a farmer you help feed your neighbors, community, and nation. And that deserves our deepest gratitude, a heartfelt Thank You for all you do.

The world is changing – and so is farming. More and more we see consumers seeking out:

  • Cleaner Food
  • Healthier Soil
  • Farmers Working with Nature

The backlash against toxic farming and industrially produced food is only just beginning. Now is the time to transition to healthier soil and crops.

As a farmer you make choices every day. But none is more strategic than deciding how you will farm. Are you ready to transition toward healthy soil? Are you already on this path but need a sharper focus? Are you farming organically but need to kick it up a gear?

Crops Science Investigation is here to help. We don’t have all the answers, but we do have passion for profitable farming combined with healthy agriculture and the experience to make it happen.

To help improve quality we offer:

  • Farmer Education
  • Soil Testing with Fertility Recommendations
  • Custom Dry Blending Tailored to your Soil
  • Farm Visits for Hands on Interaction
  • Nutritional Foliar Sprays and Microbial Inoculants to Enhance Yield

As you achieve healthier soil and crops you will indeed find that it is a great time to be a farmer.

So, let’s stay in touch. You might decide to work with us, or you may not. Either way you will discover plenty to think about on your journey.

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